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Take control of your hormone health

Home hormone tests reviewed by Australian GPs.

Hormones Matter?

You might not think about them, but hormones play a key role in maintaining a healthy body and mind.

Keeping track of your hormone levels can provide insights into your mood, metabolism, and skin health - in both men and women.
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What's Included?

  • 1. Analysis of key hormones including:
    • - Oestrone (E1)
    • - Oestradiol (E2)
    • - Oestriol (E3) (female only)
    • - Testosterone
    • - Progesterone (female only)
    • - DHEA-S
  • 2. All test results reviewed by a GP
  • 3. Easy access to results through your Prix health profile
  • 4. Kit sent to your house to be done in your own time

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Easy to do, easy to understand

The saliva tests we use are noninvasive and come through the mail.

All results are reported through easy to read dashboards, with comments added from the GP who reviewed them to help you make sense of them.
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Your Personal Dashboard

Access your secure dashboard online at any time.
Dive into your results, review GP comments, and track your changes.
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What can a hormone test tell me?

For Women

This test can help you understand if things like acne, irregular periods, and weight gain are because your hormones are imbalanced.

For Men

Hormonal imbalance can lead to symptoms such as a lack of energy, mood changes, hair loss, muscle weakness, and emotional issues.

Why get tested regularly?

Many of the markers we test for don't display obvious symptoms
By testing at home you can:
  • Easily build a better understanding of your health
  • Get insights into your physical and mental health
  • Track changes in key health markers found in saliva
  • Identify risk factors earlier to discuss with your regular GP
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Our Subscriptions

Our subscriptions let you track how your health changes over time.

See what’s happening inside your body, learn what lifestyle really works for you, and improve everything from your sleep and energy levels to your heart health.

You can sign up to be sent a new test kit every 3 months or 6 months, and you can cancel or change whenever you want.
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How it works

How it Works
Collect your sample

We will send you a saliva kit in the mail so you can take your sample from home.

How it Works
Return it to us

Follow the instructions and return via the post using the prepaid envelope included

How it Works
Get your results

Your tests will be reviewed by a GP and results sent directly to your health dashboard at


What is PRIX?

PRIX is an Australian start up founded in 2018.

Our mission is to develop a proactive health tracking system that lets you understand more about the impact of your lifestyle.

Do you replace GPs?

No! PRIX is not a replacement for your doctor.

What we want to do is help identify risk factors BEFORE you fall sick so that you and your doctor can stop problems becoming serious. We are not a diagnostic tool.

Is my data safe?

Yes PRIX takes privacy very seriously.

We make sure that your data is kept secure and not shared with anyone it shouldn’t be.

Is PRIX a lab?

No we are independent from our measurement partners.

We use a network of accredited pathology labs across Australia who use the latest, most accurate technology.

Can't I just get these tests from my GP?

Yes, you can - and if you are feeling sick or concerned about your health we encourage you to go see your GP first. We complement the public health service, allowing you to track key health markers in between GP visits from the comfort of home - so that you can build a better picture of baseline health. If any risk factors are picked up by our tests, you can go discuss these with your GP earlier than if you had never been tested.

Why is my collection kit not Prix branded?

To offer the broadest range of tests possible we use a mix of our own collection kits and those from some of Australia's top pathology providers. All results are still reviewed by Prix’s GPs and reported through our online dashboard.

Can I claim on MEDICARE?

Unfortunately not. This is a private service and not covered by the Medicare rebate.