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How Prix works - the details

1. Picking a plan

The first step is picking a plan. We have two broad options to choose from -Blood tests (Coming soon) and Hormone tests (available now). Blood tests are used to track biomarkers like cholesterol, liver function, and vitamin levels while saliva tests are used to give you insights into your hormone levels and how they could be influencing your mood, metabolism and/or skin health.

We encourage regular tracking of selected health markers with is why our products are subscription-based, with new testing kits delivered to your door every 3, 6 or 12 months. It just depends on which plan you have signed up for. Also, don't worry about being locked in, you can cancel at any time.
2. Taking the test

When your kit arrives, open the box, read all the instruction material and collect the required number of samples.

For our baseline male/female test, you will need to supply 5 small saliva samples (one every 30 mins).

For our blood tests you will need to supply 1 to 2 samples of blood from a fingerprick. Each sample is smaller than what would normally be collected at the GP, measuring approximately 0.6mL each.

Once you have been able to take your sample make sure you store and deliver it back to us as per the instructions. This is very important as samples are sensitive to both time and temperature.
3. Getting your results​

When your samples are received by the lab they undergo the same level of testing as at your usual medical centre so that you can feel confident in the results. After your specimens have been processed your results are reviewed by a GP who will add in a few comments to help you make sense of them.

All results and comments can be accessed through our proprietary health hub so you can easily track and take care of your health.